PANDA PROUD Children’s Storybook

Introducing Panda Proud, a children’s storybook created in honor of PANDA’s 20th anniversary to raise awareness and help readers understand the true meaning of “Children Helping Children.”  The book also serves as a great guide for PANDA fashion show models for what to expect from their PANDA modeling experience.

In the story, Panda is a bumbly, tumbly little cub whose best friend, Tiger, is always by her side.  When Tiger gets sick, Panda and her mama decide to join a group of volunteers, whose aim is to help sick little ones.  As the group’s fashion show draws near, Panda worries she’ll trip and fall on the runway.  Panda Proud is a heart-warming story of true friendship and the connection between self-worth and service for others.

Purchase your copy of Panda Proud. You can also gift a storybook to a patient at the Steele Children’s Research Center.